Corona Update

It is a great shame that we have not been able to meet recently, but more important matters are at hand.

I hope you are all safe and well. If you are anything like me your hair maybe somewhat longer and patience a little shorter, otherwise all good.

The committee has been meeting online and I wanted to bring you up to date on several points:

Queens College have informed us that the earliest possible event will July. It is too early to have any certainty about timing, we will keep you in touch as things become clearer.
We’ve put together a brand new and improved website for the club, this will be launched towards the end of May. And you may have noticed we have re-created the traditional coloured logo at the top of the page too.
The new website will have a members’ directory where you can opt to display your logo, brief details of your service plus links to your LinkedIn profile and website. More details to follow.
At our next lunch and going forward, name badges will be available for all. We hope this will make it easier to interact and circulate with new people and guests
In the autumn or when practical, we will test the idea of evening networking events for club members. The idea is to allow further business discussions away from the wonderful relaxed formality of the lunches, more news on this soon.
A company membership is being launched shortly aimed at attracting larger organisations where multiple people would like to attend. The cost will be £150 pa and open to up to 5 people within that company.
We ask you to please email me any ideas you have for the future of the club. It is your club and we want the direction of the CBPC to reflect the current membership as well as working hard to attract new people.  All suggestions will be discussed by the committee and feedback given.